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Value Based Innovation

Strategic decisions

To benefit from the move to value-based health care, organizations need to adjust their value propositions and forge powerful partnerships


Customer Engagement Model

Strategic decisions

Aligning the customer relationship model to the journey customers undertake to buy and adopt health solutions is pivotal to unlocking growth potential and optimizing resource allocation.


Frontline Management

Because their actions and behaviors impact their teams, frontline managers have a powerful multiplier effect on the performance of field forces. The role of frontline management as an implementer of go-to-market strategies and tactics is especially critical during times of transition to new customer engagement models. Several levers may be activated to increase the impact of your frontline management:



Strategic decisions

Frontline teams can become a key differentiator in the selection of your company’s technologies and solutions from all other alternatives in the marketplace. Superior execution of customer engagement strategies can be achieved through the activation of different levers

Doctor Examining Male Patient With Shoulder Pain

Patient Journey

Strategic decisions

Substantial barriers stood in the way of scaling the state-of-the-art care into real practice. To achieve the triple aim of improving quality, access and lowering overall costs, providers, life sciences and medtech companies can join forces and revolutionize the patient experience

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