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We are always looking out for skilled employees!

What make StarGen distinct

  • We offer outstanding people to take an active role in a fast growing specialized strategy consulting firm serving key stakeholders within the health ecosystem.
  • Our consultants build a breadth of experiences through a variety of high-profile strategy assignments involving patient groups, regulators, payers, research centers, care organizations, biopharmaceutical and medtech industries.


  • We are intensely passionate about what we do. We aspire to positively transform the health value chain to enhance individuals’ health.
  • We work collaboratively with the most talented experts to help our clients succeed by anticipating tomorrow’s agenda with focused, insightful and fresh thinking.
  • By working alongside renown scientific and medical experts, patient groups leaders, executives of major regulatory bodies companies, you will see your strategic recommendations shape the landscape of health ecosystems.
    As we are obsessed by the lasting success of our clients, you will team up with client’s personnel to design innovative but realistic solutions and help implement them.
  • You will enjoy working with people who have been described as practical, down-to-earth, humble and friendly.  
  • Our culture – a unique blend of innovation, partnership, excellence, integrity and entrepreneurship – forms the foundation of StarGen and makes it an extraordinary place to work.
  • Innovation underpins everything we do. We passionately look beyond the status quo and explore possibilities for improving outcomes for patients. We are committed to advancing every aspect of the health value chain and to exploring ways to better connect health ecosystem stakeholders.
  • Partnership values shape the way in which we conduct business. We care intensely about the success of our clients and team members. We craft and implement solutions in collaboration with our clients to unfold their full impact.
  • Integrity embraces the very highest standards of honesty, ethical behavior and exemplary moral character.
  • Excellence is reflected in our continuous determination to become the best at what we do and to deliver results that impact our clients ’success.
  • Entrepreneurship, the passion our people bring in turning ideas into great execution drives our focus on practical action.
  • We look for more than technical expertise and qualifications in the health industries.
  • We seek highly talented individuals with a proven track record that demonstrate the personal traits of character that we consider critical to drive success:
    • Curiosity and problem solving
    • Impact and influence
    • Achieving result
    • Leadership
    • Integrity
  • We value ability to build working relationship in a multicultural environment.
  • We expect our people to be committed to an internationally mobile career and lifestyle.
  • Once onboard, you will be involved as a fully-fledged member of a project team with responsibility for a distinct piece of the assignment.
  • A typical project team is made up of three to five consultants who team up with select individuals from our client.
  • In the more junior positions, you will focus primarily on mastering industry and functional expertise as well as delivery competencies. As your skills develop, your role will expand to include management and marketing responsibilities. Along the way, you will grow people development, leadership building strategic relationship competencies.
  • We are committed to foster your personal growth through hands-on learning in a variety of assignment, day-to day field coaching and training.
  • If you are motivated by contributing to improve health outcomes…
  • If you are ready to take the plunge into a challenging, multicultural and entrepreneurial project…
  • Please contact our Human Resource Department to discuss with us opportunities:

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